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Kidneys: Key Modulators of HDL Levels and Function


Purpose of review This review will examine advances in our understanding of the role kidneys play in HDL metabolism and the effect on levels, composition, and function of HDL particles. Recent findings Components of the HDL particles can cross the glomerular filtration barrier. Some of these components, including apolipoproteins and enzymes involved in lipid metabolism, are taken up by the proximal tubule and degraded,

modified, salvaged/returned to the circulation, or lost in the urine. Injury of the glomerular capillaries or tubules can affect these intrarenal processes and modify HDL. Changes in the plasma and urine levels of HDL may be novel markers of kidney damage and/or mechanism(s) of kidney disease. Summary The kidneys have a significant role in metabolism of individual HDL components, which in turn modulate HDL levels, composition and functionality of HDL particles. These intrarenal effects may be useful markers of kidney damage and have consequences on kidney-related perturbations in HDL.

Simple Explanation: HDL and its constituent parts can be lost through the kidney. So if microalbuminuria is present you can be losing the most important lipoprotein 😨. No wonder diabetics and those with CKD gets so much CVD 🥴


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