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Obesity Medicine Association also includes Ketogenic Diet in its Obesity Algorithm -2020

The 2020 Obesity Algorithm is an essential tool for any practice; it contains updated information on the mechanisms, evaluation, and treatment of obesity, including why obesity is a disease, how obesity causes the most common metabolic diseases encountered in clinical practice, and how to treat obesity to reduce disease risk.

This year’s update to the Obesity Algorithm includes many features to make the tool more applicable in clinical practice, such as a snapshot of “Top 10 takeaway messages” in each section for quick reference; scientific evidence to dispel common misrepresentations and “myths” about the disease of obesity; and updated links to multimedia educational resources.

Other updates include:

  • Adiposopathic aging

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome

  • Ketogenic diet

  • Obesity and psychiatry

  • Table of anti-obesity agents in development

  • The role of gastrointestinal hormones in energy and nutrient regulation

  • Updates to bariatric surgery nutrient replacement

  • Over 800 new and updated references


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